Tuesday, May 6, 2008

An AMAZING Vacation!

We recently got back from a 7 day cruise(our first one) to the Caribbean. It was awesome. We went with our friends The Binghams. We hit 6 different islands, a different one every day.

Here is the Breakdown...
Saturday: Catch the red eye flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Sunday: Walk around Puerto Rico all day and saw a famous fort. Boarded the Cruise ship late Sunday Night

Monday: St. Thomas/St. Johns
When we got to St. Thomas we rented a jeep and drove to the ferry, where we took the Jeep over to St. John. On St. John we went to Trunk Bay(one of the top 5 beaches in the world) and snorkeled for the first time. It was raining just a little but it didn't matter because we were in the water the whole time.

Tuesday: Dominica
Dominica was a different island because it was mostly rainforest instead of beaches. We went to two waterfalls that were beautiful. The first is Emerald Pool, where you see Tyler jumping through and the second was Trafalgar Falls. The picture of us together is under the waterfall. It was quite the hike to get right under the falls. Totally worth it!

Wednesday: Barbados
Before we went on the cruise, Julie Bingham had done some research to find out what to do on Barbados. She found a travel blog from someone who had already visited and said to take the city bus to Harrison's Cave. Which would cost us $.75 instead of $50 for a taxi. We did, much to all the "locals" surprise. It was a cool cave and it only took us a couple of hours. After the cave we went to this place called "The Boatyard". It was a beach with a bunch of water games. It had a rock wall, trampoline, and rope swing all out in the ocean. Here are some pics of us in the cave, laying on the beach, and jumping off the trampoline.

Thursday: St. Lucia
St. Lucia was mostly a fishing island, so we decided to take a boat to one of their waterfalls and to see a volcano. The falls were fun, but the best part was outside the falls there was this woman, "Big Mama" and she was grilling chicken. It was the best chicken I have ever had. Then we went to volcano...little did we know it was a sulfur volcano and it really did smell like rotten eggs!

Friday: Antigua
This was the day we had been looking forward to. Antigua has 365 beaches so we decided to rent scooters and drive to a few of them. Our favorite was Carlisle Bay. It had the softest beach chairs and the most beautiful water...we relaxed and read books and then went to Turner Beach to eat lunch. It was so relaxing.

Saturday: St. Kitts
On this island we went snorkeling again. This was fun because we got to see a sunken 18th century ship. Then we went and relaxed on the beach again. It was definately good to have a relaxing last day.

Sunday: Home
We got home Sunday night and it was good to be HOME! We missed our kids so much. I think we became better parents after a trip like that!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tayte's 1st Father's and Sons Outing

Tayte had his first fathers and sons outing a couple of weekends ago. Tyler and his dad, his brothers Ryan and Brannon and Brannon's son Bryce all went. They had a great time, even though they were freezing. Tayte did awesome and snuggled next to daddy all night long...